Looking for a way to bring a little of the Miners Experience into your school, workplace or event?

Look no further than the epitomy of enterntainment at Rent One Park! You guessed it! OUR MASCOTS! 


He's a CROWD PLEASER. A FAN FAVORITE! And oh yes, he likes to dig any time he gets a chance. But when he's not digging, he loves to dance, and loves to entertain fans. 


You can spot this crazy character from a mile away! He's Yellow, a ton of fun and Grounder's arch enemy when it comes to Dance Offs at Rent One Park. 

He's the lovable canary and this year, he EVEN has little Lucky's helping him out at the ballpark! 

For information on how Lucky or Grounder can come to your next event, contact or give us a call at 618-998-8499!