Are you looking for a special way to join the Miners crew this season? A unique opportunity exists to do just that. Host families are a longstanding and honored aspect of professional sports.

Most teams at this level of competition place the majority of their players in homestay situations. These programs are a vital part of a player’s success both on and off the field. When these young men become a part of a local family, it helps them to stay grounded in an unfamiliar city, and to build their life skills. It also affords them the stability they need “at home” to help them concentrate on baseball.

Opening one’s home to a professional athlete is an experience that few people have the opportunity to enjoy. The Frontier League is for hard-working, highly motivated player will make in striving for his ultimate goal: playing in the big leagues. 

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The recognition and perks one receives as compensation for becoming a host family is worth more than money. The memories and relationships host families make with their “host sons” are invaluable and will last a lifetime.

Host Family Responsibilities Include:
– Providing room and board for the player guest or guests.
– Awareness of the players’ schedule. The Miners will play 80 games; 48 of those games will take place in Marion. The players will arrive in Marion in mid-  May, and the season will conclude at the end of August.
– Encouraging player guests to participate as members of their families.
– Supporting the players in their drive to progress to higher levels of baseball.
– The player guest’s own bedroom. Exception: If the host family is hosting two players, those two players may share a bedroom.
– Granting the player guest or guests access to the kitchen and to laundry facilities.

 Player Responsibilities Include:
– Adherence to the rules set forth by the host family.
– Participation in activities as a member of the family, and giving proper respect and consideration to the homestay hosts.
– Providing his own transportation to and from the ballpark.
– Washing and drying his own laundry.

Host families are not required to cook for players, nor is it the responsibility of the host family to provide transportation for players. Access to a personal bathroom for the player guest is preferred, but not required. It is also not the responsibility of the host family to permit the player access to the home telephone, hosts’ cell phones or computers, or other devices that allow the player to conduct personal business.

 Host Family Perks!
– Season tickets to all home games

– In-game recognition of host families at home games.
– Team-sponsored preseason events for all host families.

– An on-field recognition ceremony at the end of the season for each host family.
– Discounts on Miners merchandise.
– Spring Training Trial: to test the program out, feel free to host a player for the 10-day spring training period.

“Being a host family has opened not only our home, but our hearts to wonderful young men who just have the desire to play baseball. This is probably one of the most rewarding things our family has done for the community. These players need a loving home where they can relax, eat, and chill out without the pressure of daily life.”
-Michelle Baxter | Host Mom 4 years

“It is neat to have a player in the house, I love it when the players bring their xbox and I get to beat them in their own games.”
-Dylan Baxter, 13 | Host Son 4 years

“Going to the game is one thing; living out the season with players brings it all to life”
-Janet Sapp | Host Mom 3 years