Weather Policy

Rent One Park has a turf field which allows for less rain outs of scheduled games. In the event of inclement weather updates about a game being postponed or delayed will be updated on our social media sites as well as the website.


If a game is officially postponed due to rain, tickets for that game will be considered rain checks. Rainout policies vary based on the situation. A policy will be announced after the game is officially postponed. Any game suspended after five innings (or 4 innings if the Miners are ahead) is considered a complete game. Suspended game tickets cannot be exchanged. Complimentary ($0.00 value) tickets are not exchangeable.

Suspended Game

In the event that a game which has been started and is not an official game, or the game is an official game and is tied, and the game is cancelled for any reason, it will be considered a suspended game. The game will be resumed from the point of suspension the next time the two teams meet in the home team's park. If the two teams do not meet in the home park again during the year, the game will be completed in the visitor's park. If it is the final game between the two teams, it will either be a tie game if official (4 1/2 innings) and all statistics count, or a cancelled game (if not official). Scheduled off days cannot be used to complete a suspended game. The suspended game will be completed to its original nine (9)-inning conclusion. Following the completion of the suspended game, the regularly scheduled game will be seven (7) innings in length.