Canadian Wild of Southern Illinois

Canadian Wild presented by VisitSI

Who are we?

We are the Softball Canada's olympic team 

Why are we in Southern Illinois?

Softball Canada is now part of the National Pro Softball league. 

Why are we call the Canadian Wild of Southern Illinois?

Since we have entered the NPF as a new team we had the ability to come up with a team name. We chose to combined the Softball Canada with Southern Illinois as it is now our new home. If you have ever had the chance to visit Canada it is beautiful in many aspects. Canada is know for its beautiful terrian and its creatures that live there. Canada is WILD! 

How long will be here?

Since we are Softball Canada's Olympic Team we will be competing in the 2020 Olympics. Therefore, we will be in Marion for two seasons as we prepare for the Olypmics.

Why did we join the NPF?

We joined the NPF so that our women could compete at the professional softball level as we train for the 2020 olypmics.